Why Egypt’s progressives win

This Youth in Revolt….   Aristotle said, “In democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme.”  Clearly the idea of Democracy is a fire in the heart.  It is the call for freedom from the chains of subordination.  It is a call for justice for ALL PEOPLE, not JUST the rich.

It is a call for a level playing field for all people, or at least a demand for a government that works for ALL and endeavors to take care of all of the classes.   The disproportionate wealth in Egypt is obvious and the people will take no more of Mubarak’s policies.

All governments should be reminded that they work for ALL of the people and that they are in power to lead as is a representative entity of the people. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The greatest power that a people can have is the power to choose, and this is now what the Egyptians are asserting.  Their power to choose. They choose for Mubarak to step down.

Why Egypt’s progressives win – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.

Women has been at the forefront of the organization of the protests at Tahrir Square.


Remember how we felt? Words About the coming fascism from my father Gil Franco

Note: Although Gil Franco passed away in 2006, it is obvious that we as a country are still dealing with the ‘fascism’ that we were during the reign of ‘King George.’  Read this and ‘remember how we felt.’

Now… think about our current struggle for ‘freedom of speech‘, (Assange, Jeremy Marks, so many others), ‘truth’, (Assange, our war engagement), and ‘transparency.‘ (there are too many examples to place in parenth!)

The ‘slowly, but surely ‘part,  of this essay…was so prescient.

Read on…

Find Gil’s (My dad’s) writing still posted on http://progressivewritersbloc.com

On Sunday March 5 while watching CNN a story appeared that certainly got my attention. It was about a high school teacher in Aurora, Colorado who was suspended (lucky for him, with pay) when he asked his students if they thought there were any similarities between President George W. Bush and Adolph Hitler. (By the way, just Google “Bush Hitler Similarities” and you will find several lengthy lists of similarities various people have compiled.) One of his students, a fifteen year old boy, “just happened” to record this question on his hand held recorder. The teacher, Jay Bennish, did not deny that he asked the question, but he emphasized that he posed his remark as a question, not a statement, in order to stimulate a dialog with his students.

I agree with Mr. Bennish because grappling with controversial issues is supposed to be part of the educational process. A teacher is supposed to get his students to think, isn’t he? Though this incident has been a mere blip on the radar screen, thus far, I find it disturbing (to put it mildly) in the sense that the teacher’s first amendment right (the freedom of speech provision) was violated. Quite frankly this doesn’t surprise me at all. Why? Because this administration has slowly but surely squelched, put down, denied, pressured, or humiliated anyone who disagrees with them. (Hey! That’s a similarity with Hitler right there, isn’t it?) They’re denying us, Americans, our constitutional rights slowly but surely.

What’s almost laughable is that Bush and his partners in crime have the audacity, temerity and unmitigated gall to state (ad nauseam) that they want to spread freedom and democracy around the world while at the same time they’re taking our freedoms away here at home! They must think we’re all just a bunch of brainless morons. Well, I have news for the Bush regime’s boot-lickers and hangers on. There are some of us in this great country of ours who are waking up to the grim reality that confronts us here in the United States of America. There are many of us who do not fall for Bush’s lies, and double talk. We are not part of his so-called base; huge and powerful corporations (foreign and domestic), the oil industry, pharmaceutical firms, the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), Halliburton, etc. Yes, it’s incumbent on those of us who know a con artist when we see one to do everything in our power to stop the theft of our constitutional rights. No one is going to do it for us; it’s up to us. The future is now. Tomorrow will be too late. So let’s stop complaining and start rolling NOW!

Julian Assange: what is the value of truth?

My husband was making the assertion that Julain Assange of Wikileaks, since he had supposedly succeeded in putting many lives in danger, If not causing potential death in the future as a result of the revelations derived from his leaked documents should at the least be imprisoned. This is the feeling of the U.S. Government and others which has historically used “secret” and “covert” dealings in order to ‘further their objectives around the world’. I understand this. I also understand that these objectives, projects, etc., are supposedly benefit the American people, the economy, or domestic or foreign relations. We have long accepted that this is the case. But should we?

I still am not sure I agree with the opinion that it is wrong to uncover ‘national secrets’ I reserve my opinion because we as a people need to find the answers some philosophical questions about how important truth is, how important ‘secrets’ are, and what are the explicit and excepted reasons we would forgo ‘knowing truth?” is it right to lie, cheat, kill, deceive in order to bring a favorable outcome to a nation of people? Is it right to suppress truth? If it is okay to create, foster and perpetuate war (which we accept will inevitably kill many in it’s very righteous and inevitable path) then why is it not okay to uncover truth at the same costs? We accept our nation’s less than palatable actions of destruction in the interest of ‘supposed greater good’ every day. But why is it NOT okay to uncover TRUTH about these actions for Americans and world citizens if it also will impart some human damage? Uncovering truth is ALWAYS for the greater good. What then is the value of truth? and, how do we as American’s define truth? Is truth also ‘good?’

We the people should be the eyes and ears of our government. We are not. We have been given a small role. A special tunnelvision. We are fed the information on what ‘the issues’ are. We are given ‘the chance’ to vote. But the government is working for us! We should DEMAND a truthful government in all respects. Our forefathers deemed that these “just powers” be derived their powers from the consent of the governed! It’s in black and white (err…sepia and parchment).. in our beloved Declaration of Independence!! We have the power to demand the truth in the same way that the government feels it has the right to impart lies, secrecy and use covert measures in the supposed interest of national or world benefit.

One of the most common life lessons taught to American Children universally is: “the end result DOES NOT justify the means.” What we teach them is ‘the way you get to an outcome must be a noble, correct, fair and impartial endeavor, OR…the end result is corrupt!!!

Shamefully, our government works this age-old adage the opposite way. “If you need a SPECIFIC OUTCOME it DOESN’T MATTER how it is achieved AS LONG AS YOU GET THE DESIRED RESULT !!! We saw this in Guantanamo, we saw this in the video that Mr. Assange’s contacts revealed. (collateral damage in Iraq) and in too many other incidents throughout history.

For these reasons above I believe the condemnation of Mr. Assange should be withheld. Where is the debate? What is the value of truth?


Health care reform is like a relationship

It is unfortunate that the health care reform issue has become so politicized.  There are 46 million Americans who are without health insurance.

Everyone seems confused.   Here is the “clear up” on what is being proposed.

Myth #1: If this reform goes through,  you will have no choice in benefits. WRONG.  The bill simply says that if you are pleased with your present insurance, you can keep it.

The legislation now being considered in Congress ensures lower costs, prevention coverage, and no annual or lifetime caps on benefits. It also ensures that pre-existing conditions are covered!!!

Myth #2: Reform would make it illegal to provide chemotherapy for our older Medicare folks! What?? did I hear that right?  This is not true. Reform will actually improve Medicare benefits!

Myth #3: The bill will insure people who are here illegally. The president himself has stated on television that he would never sign legislation that allowed that.

Myth#4: The bill creates “death panels” for seniors!!  This is a game of telephone that has been used as another scare tactic that came about from the provision that a doctor can be paid for end-of-life counseling if the senior requests it! (Personally, that counseling would be great because I have an 87 year old grandmother that is very depressed about  even being near the supposed “end of life” (who knows – she may live to 100!!) , but is seeing her friends pass away!  She needs counseling on how to deal with that!  If I saw even one of my friends pass, I KNOW that i’d need counseling!    That counseling is good for living! for anyone and everyone, and ‘end of life’ has GOT to be thee hardest time.  E.O.L. counseling helps people to reconcile that time in their life and be better able to be free of depression!  There are no death squads, or counseling to MAKE anyone want to end their lives.  There’s no Kevorkian clause here.

A public option,If approved, the requires for the federal government to be in competition with private companies.  I believe the insurance monopoly should be changed and competition encouraged, we would all benefit.

Let’s not be partisan, or take “sides.”  Let’s just be people together  put politics aside and support this long overdue legislation? Is it perfect? No. Nothing starts out that way. Can it be amended?  Hell Yes!  Let’s get something going that’s good!  It’s a growing thing!  You pick the best and make it better!  It’s like an intimate relationship right?  We’ve been dealing with this crap since Roosevelt. How do we take care of ALL the people.   It’s like my cousin Stacey, who won’t marry (even though there have been some really great guys in her life), because they WERE NOT PERFECT. I’m not suggesting a woman “settle” but when the guy is perfect really (by your own admission), and  Some of the ejections are based on amount of hair! it’s a bit silly, and you wonder what the underlying reason is.  Okay so this one guy had tons of hair, but  his dad lost most of his  in the two  years between 40 and 42!  So she was worried about appearances later in life, what people would think etc., etc.  One guy was a loan officer at a bank and going to school but almost ready to graduate with his bachelor’s.    She said he had to be a VP or he wouldn’t be able to guarantee her security if they got pregnant before then.  Wise girl in a way, but for the love that she professed for him, it didn’t add up.  They could take action to prevent this.  Four or five other guys came along and again, a few of them seemingly great relationships.  Stacey should open up a dating / match website, because she’s good at it.  But even though a few of these guys proposed (one she dated for 2 years and was desperate to marry her), but weren’t perfect. Her consistent reason was “He’s not perfect.”  She could not define perfect (Not un-like our health care situation..) Yet she could not take the leap.  I told her, it’s time to explore.  Explore yourself.  What do you want? What are you afraid of?  What is the realy reason you don’t want to get married? If her reason was that she just plain didn’t WANT to be married, then so be it.  Nobody can blame a person who declares this!  It’s a 50-50 plunge these days!  but she asserted that she was desperate to wear the dress!  Frighteningly similar to our legislators, who all want this health care situation solved, everyone covered, but they don’t want to commit to anything). Okay, can we just do a trial live-in situation?  (health care legigislativly speaking?)  We don’t have to get “married” or anything!  Dare I say, a  “Friends with benefits” situation might work?  I am laughing out loud right now, but I WILL NOT, repeat WILL NOT use that lurid acronym!

It’s time to make the leap, (it’s so much better and near perfect), and we can and will make it better. Why let Americans die without health insurance?  Why can’t my grandma get counseling?  Why did my friend’s husband have to sell items on Ebay over six months in order to make enough money to pay up ahead for insurance so that his wife who is pregnant can have medical care? She was six months along before they could afford it!  The husband’s  job no longer offers insurance and he’s not going anywhere else for a job in this economy.  He’s happy to have one and he’s got a mortgage to pay!

Isn’t it right for ALL of our fellow Americans to have affordable health care?  The sooner the better. Let’s all make a commitment of some kind and fast.