Assange latest: “The Truth Shall Set you free.” Why is the U.S. suppressing Freedom of Speech?

Tom Dickinson has nailed it.  He asked, “what would the reaction of America be if we substituted Julian Assange for Bill Keller?”  It would be outrage at the treatment being dealt.  Dickinson’s cut straight to the heart of what is really bugging me the Wikileaks affair on several different levels.   See the article here:

First of all, casualties of war or ‘consequences of war’ don’t seem to be such a hard pill for our Government.  They should be, but they aren’t.  Our government openly admits that there are going to be casualties of war on both sides and that we will make Iraq into a democracy even if it kills them….and us.  Do we have a clear plan? Noone’s really sure.  Is it “winnable?”  It doesn’t look like it, and many are saying it is not.  By the way what does “winnable” mean if you’re just supposedly trying to “bring democracy” to a people.  Oh yes, there are those that don’t want us to come in and re-shape things, shave off members of families  because we ‘suspect’ that there’s a member who’s standing in the way of democracy. (Usually those house raids don’t find the right guy), that’s the testimony of several different soldiers.  Yes, I am reading Amy Goodman’s “Breaking the Sound Barrier” I’ll cite the specific articles that these statements come from later in the blog.  We’re talking real testimony from soldiers participating in those raids.  There is testimony all over that book from so many soldiers that say that body counts are wrong.  Very wrong.  The military has it’s own counting system.  They count the way the numbers will look “good” in the media.

Why do we not see coffins coming back to the states?  There was more transparency in our media during the vietnam war!  Why do we not see the costs of war on television?  We basically have a Disney-fied version of our ‘patriotic’ war on television!  When journalists are unembedded, they are free to report on what they see in the places they travel.  They return objective impressions.  Independent to the military view.  Now more than ever we need the truth.  The American people are finally realizing that we are being fed. We are being fed a ‘version’ of the war, an edited war.  What is on the cutting room floor is important.  It is not unlike a movie that has been edited and when the outtakes and other scenes are added, we come away with a completely different story.  What they are leaving out is the sheer increased numbers of dead, the uncountable, the unwanted counts.  They are leaving out the impetus for their deaths on both sides.

The Dalai Lama said that war is outmoded.  …We are so interconnected in our modern world that it does not make sense.  The only sensible tactic when there is discourse it dialogue.  We do not need war anymore.

Julian Assange and his contacts have only unearthed truths.  Be they big or small.  ALL TRUTH IS IMPORTANT.  The United States is afraid of the truth supposedly because it MIGHT cause casualties.  Yes Assange intentionally put truths into the public domain and I applaud him for it.   And by the same token (just turn the coin over), The U.S. is killing people with lies!  and has caused more than 4,000 U.S. casualties alone since waging this war based on lies to the American People.  So who is more dangerous?  The U.S. is branding Assange a terrorist though the consequence of his organizations leak of information has not to date brought death! and the U.S. in instituting a war on lies has brought death.  How is Assange’s ‘war for truth’ that has had no known deaths or casualties, worse than the United States’ war on terror? which has had more than 4,000 deaths and those are just U.S. deaths?  Iraqi deaths number 650,000.  (Terrorist / insurgents / freedom fighters / civil fighters / neighborhood guys and of course innocent men women and children.  If I remember correctly a “terrorist” is one that creates terror and brings death.  So…Is the United States Government more a terrorist organization?

Obama and the others have said (wrongly) that all of the leaked information so far was low level insignificant information, but if then, WHY…the uber-China-Russia-type of man-handling of Assange (and more importantly BRADLEY MANNING) been so gulag-ish? The U.S. clearly sees this information as important.  What is contained? only 4,000 of 190,000 documents have been looked at.  What is the U.S. so afraid of?  Clearly this shows that the truth is even more important than we can imagine.

We can look in part to the Daniel Ellsberg “Pentagon Papers” for a taste of something similar and not find the same reactions from the government.  Why is that?

We can ask about Freedom of the Press, and we can talk about how The Press is the eyes, ears and watchdog of our country, the world and it’s leaders.  This is the entire reason for the existence of the Press!  We can also ask our selves the same questions that Tom Dickenson did in his article for Rolling Stone, which was uploaded or penned? on December 15, 2010.  Tom asks us whether Americans would find the same treatment of Assange unpallatable if it were say….Bill Keller from the NY Times.  I’m not sure there wouldn’t be somewhat of a riot in the streets!~at least in New York and soon spreading from every mouth that believed and spoke about Free speech and Freedom of the Press, not ending until the entire of America was in a national uproar.

The United States’ reaction has been nothing short of Orwelian.  Added to the illogical reaction to Julian Assange’s unearthing of truth documents (whether they be ‘dangerous” – which again they have not yet proved to be), is the inhumane treatment of Bradley Manning.  Manning  is being held in solitary confinement for the last seven months BEFORE being proven guilty.  Certainly….NOT the American way!  What is going on in our country?  Why are we all the people  sleeping?  We should be OUTRAGED and clearly 68% of our country is still quite snowed.  This is a war on truth.  The truth will cost less than the lies and besides we were taught from the day we were born to stand up for the truth. Oh, yah, and there was something else I heard along the way, “the truth shall set you free.”

The short list of some the “sore spots” that have been uncovered by the “Wikileaks” papers.

*Pakistan is funding the Taliban  (Oh yah, we’re giving money to the ISI – the Pakistan guys, so it sure looks like we’re fighting ourselves), in my book that’s a big unearthed and very important truth!

*There are many more innocent women and children being killed in Iraq than the random here and there accidents, even intentional killings.  (this is another important truth! that’s been unearthed!)

*There is video of intentional killings of innocent men, women and children! (see collateral murder), which shows in full audio and video the soldiers fully aware that these were not ‘targets’ and killing them anyway.  Again, to me, these truths are important.  Doing the right thing is important.  Upholding truth and justice used to be our tagline! This is The United States of America! and to me ‘fighting for my country’ means telling the truth and doing the right thing.

*Yes, there is backbiting information between ambassadors calling eachother creeps and whatnot, but why has Obama chosen just to cite THOSE truths and minimize them? He has not spoken to the unearthed collateral damage, or the innocents killed, or the biggie that we may even be fighting against ourselves!  NO WONDER it doesn’t seem winnable!



Health care reform is like a relationship

It is unfortunate that the health care reform issue has become so politicized.  There are 46 million Americans who are without health insurance.

Everyone seems confused.   Here is the “clear up” on what is being proposed.

Myth #1: If this reform goes through,  you will have no choice in benefits. WRONG.  The bill simply says that if you are pleased with your present insurance, you can keep it.

The legislation now being considered in Congress ensures lower costs, prevention coverage, and no annual or lifetime caps on benefits. It also ensures that pre-existing conditions are covered!!!

Myth #2: Reform would make it illegal to provide chemotherapy for our older Medicare folks! What?? did I hear that right?  This is not true. Reform will actually improve Medicare benefits!

Myth #3: The bill will insure people who are here illegally. The president himself has stated on television that he would never sign legislation that allowed that.

Myth#4: The bill creates “death panels” for seniors!!  This is a game of telephone that has been used as another scare tactic that came about from the provision that a doctor can be paid for end-of-life counseling if the senior requests it! (Personally, that counseling would be great because I have an 87 year old grandmother that is very depressed about  even being near the supposed “end of life” (who knows – she may live to 100!!) , but is seeing her friends pass away!  She needs counseling on how to deal with that!  If I saw even one of my friends pass, I KNOW that i’d need counseling!    That counseling is good for living! for anyone and everyone, and ‘end of life’ has GOT to be thee hardest time.  E.O.L. counseling helps people to reconcile that time in their life and be better able to be free of depression!  There are no death squads, or counseling to MAKE anyone want to end their lives.  There’s no Kevorkian clause here.

A public option,If approved, the requires for the federal government to be in competition with private companies.  I believe the insurance monopoly should be changed and competition encouraged, we would all benefit.

Let’s not be partisan, or take “sides.”  Let’s just be people together  put politics aside and support this long overdue legislation? Is it perfect? No. Nothing starts out that way. Can it be amended?  Hell Yes!  Let’s get something going that’s good!  It’s a growing thing!  You pick the best and make it better!  It’s like an intimate relationship right?  We’ve been dealing with this crap since Roosevelt. How do we take care of ALL the people.   It’s like my cousin Stacey, who won’t marry (even though there have been some really great guys in her life), because they WERE NOT PERFECT. I’m not suggesting a woman “settle” but when the guy is perfect really (by your own admission), and  Some of the ejections are based on amount of hair! it’s a bit silly, and you wonder what the underlying reason is.  Okay so this one guy had tons of hair, but  his dad lost most of his  in the two  years between 40 and 42!  So she was worried about appearances later in life, what people would think etc., etc.  One guy was a loan officer at a bank and going to school but almost ready to graduate with his bachelor’s.    She said he had to be a VP or he wouldn’t be able to guarantee her security if they got pregnant before then.  Wise girl in a way, but for the love that she professed for him, it didn’t add up.  They could take action to prevent this.  Four or five other guys came along and again, a few of them seemingly great relationships.  Stacey should open up a dating / match website, because she’s good at it.  But even though a few of these guys proposed (one she dated for 2 years and was desperate to marry her), but weren’t perfect. Her consistent reason was “He’s not perfect.”  She could not define perfect (Not un-like our health care situation..) Yet she could not take the leap.  I told her, it’s time to explore.  Explore yourself.  What do you want? What are you afraid of?  What is the realy reason you don’t want to get married? If her reason was that she just plain didn’t WANT to be married, then so be it.  Nobody can blame a person who declares this!  It’s a 50-50 plunge these days!  but she asserted that she was desperate to wear the dress!  Frighteningly similar to our legislators, who all want this health care situation solved, everyone covered, but they don’t want to commit to anything). Okay, can we just do a trial live-in situation?  (health care legigislativly speaking?)  We don’t have to get “married” or anything!  Dare I say, a  “Friends with benefits” situation might work?  I am laughing out loud right now, but I WILL NOT, repeat WILL NOT use that lurid acronym!

It’s time to make the leap, (it’s so much better and near perfect), and we can and will make it better. Why let Americans die without health insurance?  Why can’t my grandma get counseling?  Why did my friend’s husband have to sell items on Ebay over six months in order to make enough money to pay up ahead for insurance so that his wife who is pregnant can have medical care? She was six months along before they could afford it!  The husband’s  job no longer offers insurance and he’s not going anywhere else for a job in this economy.  He’s happy to have one and he’s got a mortgage to pay!

Isn’t it right for ALL of our fellow Americans to have affordable health care?  The sooner the better. Let’s all make a commitment of some kind and fast.