Pachi Tamer comes to SPACE Gallery on December 8th, 2012

Pachi Tamer comes to SPACE Gallery on December 8th, 2012

Pachi Tamer is an on-fire creative that chooses to spend his free time embedded with the homeless across America and in other countries. To get to know them, to learn their dreams and to help them. One portrait at at time, One dollar at a time, he is doing real good. His non-profit, takes one dollar donations (or more!) and uses that money to help the homeless.

On December 8th at SPACE GALLERY POMONA, Pachi will talk to an audience about his work, take questions, and the work will be on display for purchase. We will also have a “One-Dollar-Dreams” Kiosk available for folks to put donations into.

We also welcome some inspiring music.
Holly Vincent plays at 7PM and
Rough Church goes on at 8PM

This promises to be an inspiring night!

Gallery opens at 3PM, Pachi will speak at 5PM


Love, SPACE Gallery

Gallery: 909.623.1694
Gallery cell: 818.404.4100


The Cause is real. FIND KONY NOW

Is Invisible Children a sham? I don’t think so. This group was born out of the extreme desire to change a horrible human ongoing tragedy.  Out of it some pretty well connected and creative people ideated a way to get the extreme latent power of The American People moving as a massive force for change.  I call this an amazing social experiment that if it works will not only show common folk America it’s extreme power but hopefully move a specific tragic situation to a better outcome.  I.E., taking a ruthless killer out of business. The Invisible Children do alot with their money.  Building schools, re-building communities and making children  safer is not cheap.  Let’s not kid ourselves. Setting up communication venues so that incidents can be reported and hopefully acted upon quickly cannot be cheap either.  Collecting data about these atrocities is essential should Mr. Kony finally come to trial at The Hague.  They are hoping he eventually will.  He has too much blood on his hands for America to look away and conclude that “it’s all fine, it’s not happening anymore.”  How many families remember? How many families hurt everyday for their lost loved ones? How many have body parts that are missing and have to deal with an extreme handicap in a very unforgivable setting such as some of the remote villages they live in?  I say DO NOT FORGET ABOUT KONY.  America won’t go back to sleep.  We don’t always need to fight for money or for our claims, or just when we are directly threatened.  We can spare some of our vast resources to capture Kony for the ICC.  We can do this because it is right.  I believe that Invisible Children will pay for the capture of Kony as best it can contribute.  I can’t believe in my heart that the money they collect will go spent selfishly.  It’s ridiculous. America won’t let that happen!  That being said,  I totally “get” the girl from Uganda that made the video about Kony not really being a problem anymore and Uganda not being this ‘terrible place’ and that with all this media attention and money being spent on awareness kits, that other charities may lose funding.   I get that her Uganda is not this place of 24-7 horror where these atrocities are happening.  But that is her Uganda and yes Kony is moving, but that is what these criminals do!  they need to feed and feed they do, they move when the grass has been eaten! We know that Kony has moved from the area into Congo and is probably lying low as The Great Giant is now on his tail and more aware of his atrocities.  Last of all there is reason he’s number one on the ICC’s Most Wanted list.  When Hitler vacationed in Bergdorf he wasn’t done wreaking havoc on mankind.  He was just on vacation fathering a child.  Egregious things followed. Please follow the LRA Tracking app   that was set up to bring this entier process into the 21st century and keep the abuses on our radar.  Day by day the LRA is still active in Uganda and still rapes, murders and maims people.  It is only a matter of time before Kony ramps up and continues his disgusting plan.  He can’t be let off the hook and Americans can make a big thumping noise and move our government to see a positive end to these tragedies.  We’ve seen the power or Tunisia, Egypt, and the unrelenting belief in the power of the people in other nations in the area.  America still has the Occupy movement but this is different.  You don’t mess with Children.  ANYBODY’S CHILDREN.  FIND KONY NOW!! 

America must trust and act.  



Pomona Arts Colony “Haiti Benefit!” These Kids Rock!

March 5th from 6-10PM at Angelo’s Italian Restaurant in the Pomona Arts Colony.  Check out 2nd Street and Garey Avenue under the tall Ornamental Iron gate that welcomes visitors to the Antique district. Directly down 2nd street (West) is the heart of the Arts Colony and tons of galleries and independant shops.  Of course PAC also houses “The Glass House” and the newly re-furbed and totally stellar “Fox Theater.”

Diamond Disaster Relief Fund was put together by two young women still in High School. Immediately after the Haiti disaster,  Elizabeth Olguin and a friend decided that they wanted to help raise funds for the children of Haiti in some way.  Putting together a bake sale to send funds to UNICEF was just the beginning. On March 5th, at Angelo’s the girls are trying their hand at a major benefit.  “The Haiti Relief Fest.”

They’ve got an artist from Haiti “jean-Paul” to join forces with them and that artist has created the bright and eclectic flyer for the benefit.  Jean-Paul will be exhibiting at the event, along with other artists.  There will be music, food, fun and wonderful art to buy.

DDRF Team for the Bake sale...this past week...

I met Elizabeth and her friends at the local super-market where they had put up their baking wares.  Never being able to pass up cupcakes and baked goods, I had to stop and see just what these kids were up to.  I noticed that they had some cupcakes adorned with the word “HAITI” on them and then I saw their sign, “Diamond Disaster Relief Fund”  and Elizabeth was quick to introduce herself.  She explained what they were doing and how they wanted to help.  She told me about the benefit and I mentioned my quick foray into “benefit production” when I coordinated my own benefit with bands, and photography to benefit Help For Brain Injured Children in La Habra, back in 2005.  It wasn’t easy, it was hard work! but alot of fun.  I told her that my husband and I and other artists exhibited and some of the work sold.  Elizabeth was quick to jump on the idea of possibly getting some of my work and my husband’s work for the benefit.  I was totally down for it.  I told her I would donate 4 photographs and that whatever they sold for could go directly to D.D.R.F. to send to UNICEF. I am not sure if my husband (who is an amazing landscape photographer), will participate as he’s in Maine right now and there won’t be time for him to ready any of his work.

So I’m looking forward to seeing Elizabeth and her friends find success in this endeavor, it’s really a great altruistic event and a fantastic learning experience for a couple of young girls.  I have kids of my own, so I can’t help but see it also in that fashion. I hope that my art sells, not because I want it to “get out there” or to further my name etc., but because I want those photos to bring in the revenue in order to help the children in Haiti and I’m hoping we can do that in a big way.

DDRF says: Come to Angelo's in Pomona Arts / Antique District on March 5th!!!

I’m looking forward to the art of “Jean-Paul” and listening to the music that the girls have planned.  I’ll definitely take pictures and if I can I’ll do a video of the event and maybe even an interview of the girls and some of the patrons.  Look for more coverage on “The Trouble With Milk.”

Come to the event and see “The Pomona Arts Colony,” “The Pomona Antique District” and don’t forget to peruse the Lincoln Heights District where we have tons of beautiful craftsman and victorian homes.  This is “little-known” Pomona, come and discover it, have fun at a wonderful benefit for Haiti.

The Poster for the intial "Bake Sale for Haiti".....But the actual benefit is on March 5th @ Angelo's!!

Friday, March 5th at 2010 @ Angelo’s Italian Eatery, 135 East Second Street, Pomona, CA 91766.  Showcasing original artwork from special guests and Haitian Artist Jean Paul.  More info at   Entry if $15.00 which includes food, live music and a free raffle!   If you don’t like or aren’t hungry for Italian food, then the entrance is only $7.00 how can you refuse?