Re-Scene Los Angeles: Rough Church is Fringe Americana!

Greg Franco, of Rough Church, sings from from the superior vena cava

If you haven’t heard, you were probably at the Nokia for Deadmau5 or bouncing around to Them Jeans with Laid Back Luke.  And that’s fine, But there’s more to Los An-Jealous the city that wears tight pants with heels and swingy tops with Noir hats and those annoying pumps that look like shoes but let your toes stay cold.  and just think, It’s just a few hair styles away. Change those hella-tight leggings and take off those glow-thingies and come to Taix in Echo Park this Saturday for some real Fringe Americana from L.A. Band, Rough Church.  This is no seque into any house of god but a jagged cut and paste into crunchy alternative rock and roll from a man L.A. Weekly called, “An Iconic Auteur.”

Forget the Ken Burns transition, jagged cut and paste to Greg Franco’s present incarnation, “Rough Church” it’s a labor of the last few years that can be called none other than fringe Americana. Pure soul of Los Angeles, a slice of us.  Heartfelt  pounding and fully formed songwriting.  R.C. winds seamlessly around Franco’s affecting lyrics and angst wrought phrasing.  Rough Church  consists of  “Five Track” of Amanda Jo Williams and Crickett and the 2;19, on lead guitar,  Jef Hogan on bass, and Greg’s cousin Jon Franco of Neptune Recovery on drums.  The R.C. boys ride with the new ‘musi-art  kin’ around Los Angeles wearing the ‘now moniker’ of ‘Freak-Folk’ or ‘Indie-Americana’ but Franco resided squarely on the Los Angeles punk scene in the very early eighties and for many years after with his seminal low brow band, The Blashpemous Yellow.   Pounding around The Anti-Club and Al’s bar amongst other L.A. Haunts,  B.Y’s sportage was some sort of  pounding and oft-times sweet bleating about San Fernando Road and the barrios of Chavez Ravine, his father and extended family inhabiting Boyle Heights since the very inception of the city.

Later fronting “Ferdinand”, a  four piece including Laura Smith and David Guerrero of  “Third Grade Teacher”,   Franco et., al,  for years shook Silverlake and other venues up and down the slivered coast with their crunchy alternative rock.  Critics then ‘typewriter-tweeted’:  ‘Ferdinand music was something you had to eat with a fork!”

R.C. Mount Washington Hootenany 2008

Franco, Certainly not an  ’80’s throwback still bopping around,”   is an ever-developing artist writing from the Superior Vena Cava of our lady Los Angeles, and seems to be now really hitting his stride.   Last year Hogan, and the Francos  embarked on two tours (and several radio gigs) at the behest and very wanting arms of the good folks at Power Tools Records in Auckland New Zealand.

The Kiwi tours fruited 2008’s record “White Dove of The Desert” but playing, writing and steeping the two years since hath wrought this year’s  Indie Americana torch “The Wow Signal”

Come to TAIX  Saturday night to enjoy “The Wow Signal’s” official release as Rough Church headlines.  Sorry, but I don’t think Steve Aoki will be attending.

~Christina Long,   The Trouble With Milk

TAIX    1911 West Sunset Boulevard   Los Angeles, CA 90026   (213) 484-1265

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