Some Sweet Swag from TTWM

2009 TTWM Shirt.

We still have some of the Original Trouble With Milk first edition shirts!  In a limited supply.  Get yours now! Be the most envied and yet still amazingly reasonable person on the block!  The Original TTWM shirt is Pictured is the original design with our mascott Glenn of course pouring milk.   The shirt is $20.00 and will be sold out soon.  Email Christina Long to arrange an order:

We have men’s and ladies styles.  There is a ‘Vee” neck style for women. Available are:  Yellow, green, white, purple, blue and grey.   All the normal sizes apply:  S, M, L, and XL and XXL in both sexes.

Don’t be a style starved individual! buy a shirt, support the blog!

ALSO!!  The 2012 shirt is coming soon! which will feature a new design!   There is also a limited edition “TTWM Sleepy Jane”  Tee shirt  which is coming soon.

We are also working on “Fascia-Mugs” which will have on them the face of one of the world’s fascist dictators with horns.   Always a great way to avoid history repeating itself!  Be reminded of the death and destruction perpetrated by your specific dictator each morning as you consume a hot or cold drink.  A fun way to avoid history repeating itself.  Photos coming soon.

Have an idea for a Trouble With Milk product?  let us know!  Thanks!

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