Get Mugged.

IT’S NOT FOR THE SOC’S…or even the slightly entitled.  It’s the new TROUBLE WITH MILK mug! Don’t say you don’t want one.  Be the first on your block to sport this swag and swag it is.  Just fill out the accompanying form and your info will be sent to the editor for ordering and rapid delivery.  The mugs are $19.00 each and that includes shipping. Stay crunchy my friends.

  We will ship the mug(s) when we confirm payment.  Credit cards are not accepted, neither is cash.  Please pay by check or moneyorder.  Now we haven’t figured out the high tech thing…we’re too busy writing these swag articles!! but we’ll grab some technology soon enough.  Until then…IT’S ANALOG BABY!!!

It's Official here's 'The Trouble With Milk mug. "It's Not for the soc's"



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