Some things don’t belong in a uterus…

Some of the things that don’t belong in a uterus are religion, Misplaced moral outrage, The G.O.P’s hankerings to limit access to contraceptives.  In our great country a woman can have control over her sexual life, her decision on when to have children.  We have choice. It is afforded us by law. The G.O.P.’s agenda asserts, though in a convoluted manner, that they ‘just trying to give employers the option to ‘not pay for contraception if they do not agree religiously.’ is hogwash.  Let’s call it what it is. It’s attempt to limit access, to control women’s lives, to invade their privacy.  At the 30,000 foot level, it seems to me to be but another step in a plan to bring church and state closer into alignment.  Do we really want to blur those lines?  How blurry does the G.O.P. want them? As blurry as  Iran? and Afghanistan?  Seems Ironic. It is very important to separate church and state.  In our great country, we have freedom to have religious expression, to bind ourselves with it, if we so choose, yet also the guarantee that our great country will not bind us with it. Allowing employers to decide whether we can or cannot have control over our uterus’s is absurd, and NOT what our forefathers wanted when they specified the need for separation of church and state.  If a company has the choice to forego contraceptive benefits based on ‘moral conviction’ then are we saying that further objections to sanctioned coverage can upend more women (and men’s) rights in our country.  This picture is about women right now, but the bigger picture is the blurring of church and state and potential loss of rights for all people based on ‘moral convictions.Image‘ 

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