“When we open our eyes…” Most people are just a paycheck away from being homeless.

Compassion has many eyes, and all are open. An open mind is essential in seeing the truth. The truth has many facets. We do not do well to just look at one side. Homelessness has it’s roots in many things. Yes, it has tentacles in drug addiction. Yes, it has a tentacle in mental illness. Yes, it has another in the economy. Anyone can become homeless. Listen to these stories. None of these people want to be homeless. Each wants to be loved. The common thread is a lack of love. Lack of love leads to troubled children, who seek solace in drugs. Listen to Jake who’s young brother passed away and parents broke up. Some teens gave him hash at twelve. The pain went away. A lifelong addiction ensued. The key word here is ‘listen’ We aren’t so far apart. We need more services for mental health in our society and support in the home life where self-esteem first develops.

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