New Paint 4 your Catter-waul, by Christina Long

“Luz and Reg”

“Luz and Reg” is 18 x 36 Photographic / paint & collage (Mixed media) $ 500.00

The diaspora between memory and imagination.


Christina Long is a Los Angeles native and resides in L.A. County.  She does painting,  photography and photo collage. Her collage work pairs hypnogogic imagery with photography and explores the relationship between midlife paroxysm and our perceived cultural idealism. Her influences are diverse and include range from Caravaggio to Tom Waits.

Ever since art school she has been fascinated by the process of defeat. What starts out as yearning soon becomes debased into a manifesto of dread but not without the possibility of a new order. It is how we get to that new order that she’s so fascinated with.

"Death of a writer, and his sister"

“Death of a Writer, and his sister”

This is a familial piece.  It is borne of the memory of connections.  This piece is   is an 18 x 36 painting / collage / mixed media.  $400.00

“Eris among us”  This piece is 24 x 36 and is also Paint / collage / mixed media.  All paintings come with an artist statement and bio.

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