Plate Tectonic Social Club

There’s a certain slant of light, a place for us…

Taix Friday nights live on their own…….at The Plate Tectonic Social Club.

Taix Friday nights are an old fashioned social experience, something tactile.  Somehow you don’t feel like whipping out the phone and checking social networking sites.  You sit at a round table, no corners. Just people. Close.  People move between people. Having cocktails, smiling.  No snob vibe here.  There’s food we don’t deserve so beautiful and epicuran.  It’s a place where ‘cultured punk’ meets the studious sound of up and comers. The room is traditional lounge- bohemia with room for discovery.  There is a vibe here, a rumbling.  Come check it out on any given Friday night. Taix 321 Club, with Friday nights deemed, “The Plate Tectonic Social Club” The night is always booked by Echo Park local Greg Franco of L.A. Band Rough Church and past seminal L.A. punk outfits galore (ala Ferdinand, Blasphemous Yellow, & New Zealand solo project known “The Wandering Bear “)..Taix’s Friday night “Plate Tectonic Social Club” is Smooth all the way…they valet park your car  too for a mere pittance.  It’s about time.

Christina Long ~The Trouble With Milk

Greg Franco of Rough Church

Bikos - Recently at Taix

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