A good day for Kleenex. Ted Williams reunites with his mother.

Ted Williams has been given a second (or third, or fifth, sixth…whatever) chance.  This time it’s big.  It’s the real deal.  The former radio and voiceover man was ‘discovered’ by a Columbus Dispatch reporter, homeless and on the side of a highway. Ted beat the addictions that he wrestled wtih, but not the economic straits, that left him homeless. Last week a Dispatch reporter happend along him and gave him a donation, Ted’s golden voice came flowing out, and the reporter was astounded. Ted’s story was heartwrenching as he explained that his mother was in her nineties and he had not seen her in twenty years. His greatest wish was to see her before she passes. Ted’s story won national attention over the week.   It seems America is behind another story of human toil and triumph.  Are we hungry to participate in the hope and dreams of others? yes we are, and that is amazing.  Postivie stories are what we are all waking early eager to google to see what has happened overnight, or if the person or persons triumphed since we last logged in. (Ahem..we aren’t necessarily going to the television set to get our news, but that’s another story).  After a delay between network and news nemeses, over who would get to record Williams’ very first meeting with his beloved and long missed mother, Williams and his mother finally reunited this AM.  Watch the video here.  You might need a kleenex or two before you sit down.  Top of the Morn to you from The Trouble With Milk.

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