The Trouble With Milk is this shirt!!

TTWM Shirt "The Trouble With Milk" (featuring Glen Mangoo)

Be the first in on your block to wear this veritable statement of quixotic confusion. It features the illustrious Glen Mangoo, pouring his favorite beverage, milk. What’s it all about? it’s about livin’ large and showing your loyalty to TTWM. You like our posts about music, comedy, sociological issues and the basic fact that nothing is really what it seems, there’s always more to the story. So you’ve decided to dedicate $20.00 toward the ‘Im lookin’ fly in the hood’ cause? cool. just email and we’ll get your order going. It takes 4 weeks to get it. (sorry we don’t control the brown-suits)…

We have tons of colors and a new shirt is in the works. Our new tagline is, “This blog is in Spanish when you’re not looking.” Why? because it is in Spanish when you’re not looking. Glad to have our logo against your naughty bits!

The team @ TTWM
find us on twitter “troublewithmilk”
ditto on Facebook “the trouble with milk”

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