A Greenhouse Built from Reclaimed Windshields

reclaimed windshield

My Husband Steve, who is the quintessential ‘renaissance man,’ (I am partial), but seriously he is….several years ago, did the whole ‘reclaimed windshield’ thing.  He collected them  from a scrap yard, crushed them,  mixed with other ingredients and amazingly created a beautiful, and long lasting feat of design flooring in an art gallery he owned in the 90’s on chattaqua in Malibu.  Is that floor still there? or did the newer owners ‘floor over’ it?  Not sure. We’d love to visit and see if the artwork is still there.  I’ll post a pic of the work (he saved and framed a sample many years ago).  If anyone knows, please comment!  Cheers and read the below about someone else with basically the same idea about using those natty old windshields.  This time they’ve built a greenhouse!   Check this out from Utne Reader…

A Greenhouse Built from Reclaimed Windshields.

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