The Worst Horror has shown it’s face…Conklin Farms

You may have not heard the news yet, but one of the most cruel animal abuse cases has just been brought to light.   In the news today (5-25-10)  “Conklin Dairy Farms” in Plain Ohio has been caught on tape performing some of the most cruel treatment ever to be perpetrated on animals.   A group called “Mercy for Animals”  put together an investigation of the processor and has revealed historically heinous practices going on at this dairy farm.


This video SHOULD make each and every one of us commit to a campaign to bring this company down.  We NEED to send a message to companies like this that they CANNOT COMMIT these acts!  The people pictured laugh about kicking in cows faces, stabbing them with pitch forks!

One guy even takes a hook and puts it THROUGH A  COW’S NOSE!!  and then tethers it to a pole to punish it.  The abuse continues, he  begins beating it in the head with a steel pole. These “workers” are on tape laughing about these acts.  They obviously  openly ‘enjoy the act of maiming and torturing these animals.  They boast about it to the undercover investigator.  These acts are  EVEN WORSE than I am portraying.  I ask you to watch the embedded video in it’s entirety.  It’s not easy, but we need to understand what is going on, AND…. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!  We can do it.  5 million people are stronger than Conklin Dairy Farms.  Five million people can make a loud noise.  We can put these guys out of business.  Let’s not let them continue to do this to innocent animals.

They do not deserve to be in business.  THE OWNER IS EVEN CAUGHT PERPETRATING THE SAME TREATMENT ONTO HIS ANIMALS!!!  These workers and the owner deserve to be behind bars.

I am not suggesting sending money to Mercy For Animals, (that is your decision, it’s helpful of course but that’s not the point of this post),…… I AM ASKING FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU TO:






and use any other social networking system to tell EVERYONE that this farm MUST BE STOPPED, and these practices in general MUST BE ERADICATED.

When we,  at “The Trouble With Milk,”  find out what the distribution chain is for Conklin Dairy Farms,  we  will publish it.   We will identify and all of the ‘brands” that their milk goes into and suggest demand boycott.  We will go into grocery stores and speak with store owners and managers to let them know that if they continue to carry milk and milk products that utilize milk from Conklin Dairy Farms that we will not purchase groceries at their location.    If need be, we will also protest at the site.

Please be committed to helping by using your powers of communication in  the effort to bring down this horrible company.

Click on the link and be angered to action.  Even if you’ve never done it before, there’s no time better than now.   We are so connected with the web and social networking, we should be able to do this.  Don’t forget to watch the other investigations by Mercy for Animals.  They are amazing.  We thank them for bringing this cruelty to light, so that we can fix it.  I will be publishing information that I turn up, dates, news and updates.  I will publish suggestions on how to use social networking to bring this issue more-so into the forefront of our news services.

Please be with me In commited action,

Christina Long

P.S.  In the begining days of this blog, I asked many friends to vote on a name for my blog.  At the time I submitted about 20 nonsensical names that I hoped would describe nothing and yet anything that I wished to write about.  As of yesterday, the name of this blog has come full circle.  I was called to action when I found out about Conklin Farms.  I told my husband.  “How strange…I’m dedicating all my action to bringing this farm down, to ending this abuse…and I already have a blog called, “The Trouble With Milk!”