Sweet Baby Jesus! That’s a Red roller!

More interesting than ponchos! …. Check out the many species of shopping carts. Living in suburbia, even though the one small gene in my double helix for ‘the desire to connect with all things natural’ cannot be satisfied living in this concrete and carbon dioxide nightmare they call a city. If I can’t classify warblers and spot spotted owls then I’ll settle for shopping carts.

New species? or rare nocturnal breed?

Check out Dave Ingram’s photo documentary on these wild welded artifacts of our consumer world. If you spot an interesting and unclassified specimen be sure to send it to Dave!

Here’s dave’s link (so that you too can become a stainless steel virtuoso). http://daveingram.ca/2010/03/06/crimson-wanderers-gathering/

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Jesus! That’s a Red roller!

  1. Hey Christina – thanks for highlighting the issue of wild urban carts! It’s been fairly quite in my neighbourhood of late but with the fall migration on I’m hoping that perhaps we’ll get some rare species rolling through. We’ve got a nice strong high pressure system and warm sunny days right now which should be good for cart movement.



    • I am so sorry it took me so long to reply to your nice comment. I am seeing quite a migration of urban carts, especially in the vicinities of Wal*Marts and Win*Co’s (must use the same business model that is attractive to specific species. Yes! cart movement is assured with a strong high pressure system, but the more senior of the species move slower and this become caught on the byways, not able to freely roll to their final nesting grounds. Let’s hope next season is as fertile, in urban cart sightings.

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