Chatroulette…It’s dead serious, or is it?

Will anybody talk to me? anyone? anyone? Bueller? Aparently just when we thought we couldn’t get any more desperate to connect, we do. So here’s Chatroulette mind you! I guess it’s better that there’s a person just as eager to connect by accident or through fate to another person instead of a bullet to the brain. I’m sure using it can be as painful as a bullet to the brain at times!  Looks easy enough but I wonder if a tag line like “So lonely you wanna just shoot yourself in the head? then try Chatroulette!” or  “Don’t be stupid just because you don’t have friends… play CHAT roulette instead.”  Or how about,   “Meet random boring non-speaking people who may type a few words to you, or may not want to talk to you at all  based on your looks, and consequently hit the “next” button within the first 2 seconds!”    The most telling tag line would be…”Use our social networking site until the feds take it down citing the nefarious “next button” as a contributing factor to teen depression and low self esteem!”     I smell tons of Chatroulette addictions and legal cases on the horizon.  There could even be an MSNBC nightline story in the works, where they’ll put Shooter Jennings in for Peter Jennings as ‘ol Pete went to the chatroulette lounge in the sky… and Shooter? …well he resonates with the MTV crowd and the YouTuber generation!  It’s natural. He’s playing Coachella right?  Okay then.  Chatroulette  basically is it’s own innate  supply and demand! What could be better?  First the site’s architects used the resonating  desperation and depression and the ever increasing “nature-deficit” of afflicted teens who are locked in dark rooms inavertantly basking in EMF’s from computer screens all day…and then solve that big ‘ol collective hole in their hearts by offering up strange people at the end of some packets of code over an ip address!  to visually classify them!   Nice job, multimedia site wizards!  nice job.   Basically these kids and adults are  hooking up with strange and  loney people who don’t necessarily want to talk to eachother! If your an emotional elitist, you’ll just love the pain that the “next” button inflicts on an eager young loner.   If you are a masochist you’ll just love being “nexted”  and you’ll probably think of really insane things to do during that “first look” from the lucky viewer that happens to pop in on your monitor, order to get the satisfaction of being ‘nexted”   I think this social networking service says loads about the American Psyche. We are bored, friendless, locked in, longing, and yet hopeful still.  We are reaching out but somehow we don’t truly ‘want to connect. If we did, we’d be outside together, talking, walking checking out life – where we could talk, touch, feel and genuinely make good on getting to know someone.  Unfortunately friendships are only formed once both parties decide to ‘keep listening,’ ‘keep giving that person another chance.’ When we decide to make a commitment to ‘see what that person is all about’ is then and only then do we actually make ‘friends.’ Friendship is a process, not a quick look and a “next” or a one line chat.  For those that aren’t in it for ‘friends,’ chatroulette has become a “slow-sift” way to find other pornsters  willing to video chat and show it all.  Somehow I don’t see the benefit in this site, but it will be interesting to see what people ultimately do with it.  Merton’s video where he goofs on random folks on Chatroulette is classic.  His experiment was hilarious.  I had the video posted here but Youtube, who hosted it,  unfortunately had to take it down due to a permissions conflict.  The good news is that I’ve posted an interview with Merton here instead.


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