Shoes for the Unconventional in all of us….

"Language 1" View #1

New from Kinetic Energy in association with ‘music, art, culture and political blog’, “The Trouble With Milk,” and “Long Photography”, is a shoe that is worth it’s weight in cheese-puffs. but only if some artist took those cheese puffs and painted them with gesso, then afixed them to one of his paintings and hung it at The Whitney for the Biennial that is!  Just as amazing but not as potentially bad smelling are these new fine art shoes from Los Angeles Artist Christina Long. Each design has a concept that’s deeper than painted cheetos on a canvas and is guaranteed not to rot.   Who knows if they’ll ever make it to the Biennial?…you never know…but you’ll be wearing Los Angeles inspired fine art that is signed by the artist.  The work is actual photography and / or collage from the artist, screened in enduring inks right onto the shoe!   Each pair comes with a “statement of concept from the artist” and is signed on the “outside in-instep” of the shoe. The pairs are numbered in a series and only a limited number of each pair will be produced. This particular shoe “language #1” is a ladies low profile Keds slip on, so you’ll be receiving the great quality that Keds has always been known for.

$100.00 per pair

Take a Walk on the Wild Side…Use Kinetic Energy: Shoes for the unconventional.

If you would like to purchase a pair, just send an email to or, you can comment on this blog and we will get back to you.   ~Cheers!  Christina

"Language" shoe. In-step view

It sounds like a radio with the speakers blown.

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