Shoes for the unconventional woman

Presenting Shoes by artist Christina Long, of ” The Trouble With Milk” and “Long Photography.”

The shoe series about words and what they can do.

“Don’t hate the word, playa…hate the dictionary.”  – Christina Long

Pair “B2”  – “Van Drughel” will  study the relationship between austere looking noble people and old Glen Mangoo who lives alone in San Pedro.

Pair “B3 –   “The Proper use of foul language.” Does “foul” language get a bad rap?  Is “foul” a matter of perspective?  So many people use it, what’s the deal? This work studies perspectives on these words in our language and how they are used. They can be used for affiliation, for hate, for fun, for humor, for sex, stress relief and many other ways.  Don’t hate the word, playa, hate the dictionary…or better yet, the reason.

Austere... and Glen Mangoo - alone again, naturally.

the toesies front side look of the keds fine art shoe by Artist Christina Long

That's Glen Mangoo on the side panel

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