Spectral Sound: The Ghostly remixes ~ (thank “the noun” for Todd Osborn).

This is the organic progression of creativity.

Todd Osborn believes, ‘We can learn anything that we want to.’ Check out the extremely modest Stateside Sound murderer (his words) musician and tinkerer, Todd Osborn.  We see him at his studio, getting drive thru, in some sort of hanger talking about The cinematograher, for Citizen Kane.

One half of some real new music TNT, Todd says,  ‘Music is music’.   Witness Todd’s African Electrosoul groove with an incredible  bassline, to his electronic eclectic fusion refrain.

Check out what’s going on around you. Soak up the world.

Sometimes ‘need’ propels creativity…

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One thought on “Spectral Sound: The Ghostly remixes ~ (thank “the noun” for Todd Osborn).

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