WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS (Guided by quiet little loud voices)

All The Seasons in one day…

Scotland is Smarmy green hues of all sorts, Quiet crescendos of fog, loud angst filled rain, and a  legendary music scene. Consider,  The Blue Nile, Altered Images, Belle and Sebastian, Orange Juice!, Soup Dragons, Del Amitri, Franz Ferdinand, Trashcan Sinatras, Midge Ure, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Simple Minds, Aztec Camera. I don’t think I need to go further.  What’s more is that it’s scene is still churning out New and amazing music. The boys from “We were promised jetpacks” consider the influence of contemporaries like  The Twilight Sad, Frightened Rabbit, and biffy Clyro to name a few.    Personally I hear, Mogwai, Radiohead, and some vaguely familiar progressions a la Franz Ferdinand.  But what is art if we are not affected by it?  How can we utilize art if we do not digest it, be changed by it and create more of it after this process?  It is natural and it is the progression of things, and it is why we create art.

While Adam Thompson vocalizes and strums rhythm guitar,  Michael Palmer yanks the main guitar, Sean Smith generally throbs and changes up  the emotive hues of sound on bass,   Darren Lackie fills the room with the wondrous thunder of  drums.  The band’s debut album, These Four Walls, was released in June of ’09 on Fat Cat Records based in Brighton UK.

Edinburgh fostered WWPJ back 2003.  The  ‘battle of the bands’ competition at the quartet’s local high school, thought to be a charming tale is actually true, the show was taken by We were promised Jetpacks and rightfully so.

The band moved to Glasgow and started playing gigs in more upstanding venues but were underage in Edinburgh.  In September 2008, the band supported Frightened Rabbit during their tour for The Midnight Organ Fight.   Recently Gaining steam in the U.S.  WWPJ toured the United States, with support from Cincinnati-based band “Bad Veins” whom themselves are creating a torrent of musical news with their painterly intros, and the huge emotive vocalizations of one Benjamin Davis. Recently ‘We were promised’  decided to release  “Quiet Little Voices’  on FatCat of course….  that song seemed like the obvious choice.   it’s their oldest song, and it’s amazingly catchy.  The band tenuously adds  ‘Some radio stations have already started playing the demo’.

Making sure to finish their college exams, WWPJ will soon be giving it a go on  summer festivals in the UK, and heralding the arrival of  their new record.  These ‘not-so- quiet-little-voices’ stand to make a loud clamber over the next year, and they are voices not to be missed.



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