Pomona Arts Colony “Haiti Benefit!” These Kids Rock!

March 5th from 6-10PM at Angelo’s Italian Restaurant in the Pomona Arts Colony.  Check out 2nd Street and Garey Avenue under the tall Ornamental Iron gate that welcomes visitors to the Antique district. Directly down 2nd street (West) is the heart of the Arts Colony and tons of galleries and independant shops.  Of course PAC also houses “The Glass House” and the newly re-furbed and totally stellar “Fox Theater.”

Diamond Disaster Relief Fund was put together by two young women still in High School. Immediately after the Haiti disaster,  Elizabeth Olguin and a friend decided that they wanted to help raise funds for the children of Haiti in some way.  Putting together a bake sale to send funds to UNICEF was just the beginning. On March 5th, at Angelo’s the girls are trying their hand at a major benefit.  “The Haiti Relief Fest.”

They’ve got an artist from Haiti “jean-Paul” to join forces with them and that artist has created the bright and eclectic flyer for the benefit.  Jean-Paul will be exhibiting at the event, along with other artists.  There will be music, food, fun and wonderful art to buy.

DDRF Team for the Bake sale...this past week...

I met Elizabeth and her friends at the local super-market where they had put up their baking wares.  Never being able to pass up cupcakes and baked goods, I had to stop and see just what these kids were up to.  I noticed that they had some cupcakes adorned with the word “HAITI” on them and then I saw their sign, “Diamond Disaster Relief Fund”  and Elizabeth was quick to introduce herself.  She explained what they were doing and how they wanted to help.  She told me about the benefit and I mentioned my quick foray into “benefit production” when I coordinated my own benefit with bands, and photography to benefit Help For Brain Injured Children http://www.hbic.org in La Habra, back in 2005.  It wasn’t easy, it was hard work! but alot of fun.  I told her that my husband and I and other artists exhibited and some of the work sold.  Elizabeth was quick to jump on the idea of possibly getting some of my work and my husband’s work for the benefit.  I was totally down for it.  I told her I would donate 4 photographs and that whatever they sold for could go directly to D.D.R.F. to send to UNICEF. I am not sure if my husband (who is an amazing landscape photographer), will participate as he’s in Maine right now and there won’t be time for him to ready any of his work.

So I’m looking forward to seeing Elizabeth and her friends find success in this endeavor, it’s really a great altruistic event and a fantastic learning experience for a couple of young girls.  I have kids of my own, so I can’t help but see it also in that fashion. I hope that my art sells, not because I want it to “get out there” or to further my name etc., but because I want those photos to bring in the revenue in order to help the children in Haiti and I’m hoping we can do that in a big way.

DDRF says: Come to Angelo's in Pomona Arts / Antique District on March 5th!!!

I’m looking forward to the art of “Jean-Paul” and listening to the music that the girls have planned.  I’ll definitely take pictures and if I can I’ll do a video of the event and maybe even an interview of the girls and some of the patrons.  Look for more coverage on “The Trouble With Milk.”

Come to the event and see “The Pomona Arts Colony,” “The Pomona Antique District” and don’t forget to peruse the Lincoln Heights District where we have tons of beautiful craftsman and victorian homes.  This is “little-known” Pomona, come and discover it, have fun at a wonderful benefit for Haiti.

The Poster for the intial "Bake Sale for Haiti".....But the actual benefit is on March 5th @ Angelo's!!

Friday, March 5th at 2010 @ Angelo’s Italian Eatery, 135 East Second Street, Pomona, CA 91766.  Showcasing original artwork from special guests and Haitian Artist Jean Paul.  More info at ddrf.tumblr.com   Entry if $15.00 which includes food, live music and a free raffle!   If you don’t like or aren’t hungry for Italian food, then the entrance is only $7.00 how can you refuse?

Shoes for the Unconventional in all of us….

"Language 1" View #1

New from Kinetic Energy in association with ‘music, art, culture and political blog’, “The Trouble With Milk,” and “Long Photography”, is a shoe that is worth it’s weight in cheese-puffs. but only if some artist took those cheese puffs and painted them with gesso, then afixed them to one of his paintings and hung it at The Whitney for the Biennial that is!  Just as amazing but not as potentially bad smelling are these new fine art shoes from Los Angeles Artist Christina Long. Each design has a concept that’s deeper than painted cheetos on a canvas and is guaranteed not to rot.   Who knows if they’ll ever make it to the Biennial?…you never know…but you’ll be wearing Los Angeles inspired fine art that is signed by the artist.  The work is actual photography and / or collage from the artist, screened in enduring inks right onto the shoe!   Each pair comes with a “statement of concept from the artist” and is signed on the “outside in-instep” of the shoe. The pairs are numbered in a series and only a limited number of each pair will be produced. This particular shoe “language #1” is a ladies low profile Keds slip on, so you’ll be receiving the great quality that Keds has always been known for.

$100.00 per pair

Take a Walk on the Wild Side…Use Kinetic Energy: Shoes for the unconventional.

If you would like to purchase a pair, just send an email to chrissylong@mac.com or, you can comment on this blog and we will get back to you.   ~Cheers!  Christina

"Language" shoe. In-step view

It sounds like a radio with the speakers blown. https://chrissylong.wordpress.com

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the Generationals ~ A portent revelation! Watch!

This is one of the best bands I have seen in a long time.  And this is one of the coolest videos this month.  The Generationals are amazing.  My favorite song right now is  “when they fight, they fight.” but I don’t care for the video they made for it.  So here is another song from The Generationals that is also pretty amazing.  check out “Angry Charlie.”  Now THIS video is captivating.  My vote for the best this month.   ~Cheers! Chrissylong

Find them at:  http://generationals.com/

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Shoes for the unconventional woman

Presenting Shoes by artist Christina Long, of ” The Trouble With Milk” and “Long Photography.”

The shoe series about words and what they can do.

“Don’t hate the word, playa…hate the dictionary.”  – Christina Long

Pair “B2”  – “Van Drughel” will  study the relationship between austere looking noble people and old Glen Mangoo who lives alone in San Pedro.

Pair “B3 –   “The Proper use of foul language.” Does “foul” language get a bad rap?  Is “foul” a matter of perspective?  So many people use it, what’s the deal? This work studies perspectives on these words in our language and how they are used. They can be used for affiliation, for hate, for fun, for humor, for sex, stress relief and many other ways.  Don’t hate the word, playa, hate the dictionary…or better yet, the reason.

Austere... and Glen Mangoo - alone again, naturally.

the toesies front side look of the keds fine art shoe by Artist Christina Long

That's Glen Mangoo on the side panel

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Kettleman City – We need another Cesar Chavez.

Big problems In Kettleman City, California – We need another Cesar Chavez!

Kettleman City child with cleft palate

Haven’t read the article in the L.A. Times that appeared last weekend?  Well…you should, and fast. The results from a survey of birth defects in this small migrant farming town halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, were alarming.

Over the first fourteen months beginning in 2007 three babies died as a result of their birth defects.  Just 20 babies were born over that time.  Each baby born during that time was born with a cleft palate.  Two of them are undergoing medical treatment as we speak.

Residents blame the high birth defect rate on a nearby hazardous waste facility — the only one in California licensed to accept carcinogenic PCBs, which is poised to be expanded if a proposition before the Kings County Board of Supervisors is granted.  Residents and Environmental activists are outraged and rightly so.   Even the owner of the site, “Chemical Waste Management Inc., is concerned about the county’s reluctance to call for an investigation into the relationship between the landfill and the consumer health issues.

County health officials claim it is difficult to quantify the relationship between pollution and birth defects, but have not outlined what can be done, even in the face of “difficulty.”  In my opinion, “difficult” does not mean “impossible.”  What are the costs? what are the procedures?  They must be outlined and done.  We MUST QUANTIFY the relationship and STAT.

The nature of corporate growing in this area (which many of the residents are employed by),  must not be discounted as a possible contributing factor.  Growers exhibiting their feverish desire to grow more & more, faster & faster at a grade “A” at least employ the use of varied chemicals with minimal precautions for their workers. But now there is a immediate and heinous dimension to their suffering, this alarming birth defect rate.

“I understand why people are concerned,” Kings County health officer Michael MacClean said in an interview. “But most of the time, when we are talking about small numbers such as these, they are just random occurrences.”

In this author’s opinion, If you do the math, the ratio of births to birth defect occurances in the time span which the birth occurred is well above the national average, alarmingly so.  If this was occuring in Brentwood, would the county claim “difficulty” and leave it at that?

“We will definitely continue to monitor the situation to see if over time the apparent excess of cleft palates continues,” MacCelan said. “If so, I would at that point ask for the state to come in and investigate.” The time is now Mr. McClean.  Children cannot be put at risk and the respect and health of citizens of that town or any town in California, in America for that matter cannot be taken for granted, or pushed aside until more alarming evidence warrants.  This IS ALARMING EVIDENCE!  and we need to quantify it and rule it out if it is warranted.  We then need to study waste management and  farming systems, their processes, their chemicals and how they come into contact with workers.

Last Monday, Kettleman City residents with and without children affected by the rash of birth defects, along with hundreds of landfill employees traveled to Hanford Civic Auditorium,  to hear the Board of Supervisors consider an appeal of the county planning commission’s recent unanimous approval of the expansion.

Supervisors heard from several witnesses well into the evening. A final decision on whether to approve the expansion is expected Dec. 22.

“Health First, Money Last,” read some of the signs demonstrators held.  they gathered on the steps of the auditorium boisterous and angry.

In so many examples Kern County and local corporations exhibit overt and underlying racism toward the migrant workers and this slow-heeled lackadaisical attitude toward children’s health is indicative of it.

Unfortunately these people, the ones that facilitate the process of our food actually making it to the market are treated as pawns, like slaves, and the possibility of chemical contamination of their living environment, though unfortunate, has some root cause and it must be found.  In not investigating it, the county is no better than Toyota looking the other way as people sped to their deaths.

If racism is nefariously playing a role in the County’s ambivalence toward investigating then they must consider the larger “no race” indicator for investigating with rapid alacrity…Obviously something is  happening to the DNA of migrant workers over time as a large group!  The chemicals they are exposed to everyday whether the initiation site is their jobs on the field or their drinking water at home, is more than alarming for ALL people!

How do the County and Corporate Ag get off ripping off a whole race / demographic of workers? WE NEED ANOTHER CESAR CHAVEZ!!!!

The Central Valley is the “fruit and vegetable basket” of California and supplies much of the United States.  Growers and processors have long been charged with treating their workers in a more than sub-par fashion.  Now there is a nefarious mystery and it’s hurting children. The county if it continues to drag it’s heels will be held  responsible for “the maiming their future generations of these migrant workers.”

Waste Management has done the right thing to encourage the County to investigate the root causes of the high incidence of birth defects, But if the County does not react and waits until “further notice”  will Waste Management pay for the investigation themselves? Migrant farm-workers, a good percentage of residents of Kettleman City, have always battled the conditions and treatment of the farming bureauocracy and now they cannot even get the County to quantify the health risks they are suffering in their home environment.   Isn’t it time we stood up for these people?


“Slates, Slogs and Superfluous energy neckties.” Limited series fine art ties by Christina Long

The slogging energy superfluous necktie series.  Limited series fine art ties.  A new series every  quarter .  Ties for the new man.  A Kinetic Energy Foundation. Wear them for a free tomorrow.  call the artist or email:  chrissylong@mac.com    $150.00 each.

letters / fonts / beautiful language bottom quarter of the "Superfluous" tie.

Design infused on the top quarter of "superfluous" tie

Eclectic gallery quality fine art neckties, designed by Los Angeles artist, Christina Long

Spectral Sound: The Ghostly remixes ~ (thank “the noun” for Todd Osborn).

This is the organic progression of creativity.

Todd Osborn believes, ‘We can learn anything that we want to.’ Check out the extremely modest Stateside Sound murderer (his words) musician and tinkerer, Todd Osborn.  We see him at his studio, getting drive thru, in some sort of hanger talking about The cinematograher, for Citizen Kane.

One half of some real new music TNT, Todd says,  ‘Music is music’.   Witness Todd’s African Electrosoul groove with an incredible  bassline, to his electronic eclectic fusion refrain.

Check out what’s going on around you. Soak up the world.

Sometimes ‘need’ propels creativity…

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WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS (Guided by quiet little loud voices)

All The Seasons in one day…

Scotland is Smarmy green hues of all sorts, Quiet crescendos of fog, loud angst filled rain, and a  legendary music scene. Consider,  The Blue Nile, Altered Images, Belle and Sebastian, Orange Juice!, Soup Dragons, Del Amitri, Franz Ferdinand, Trashcan Sinatras, Midge Ure, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Simple Minds, Aztec Camera. I don’t think I need to go further.  What’s more is that it’s scene is still churning out New and amazing music. The boys from “We were promised jetpacks” consider the influence of contemporaries like  The Twilight Sad, Frightened Rabbit, and biffy Clyro to name a few.    Personally I hear, Mogwai, Radiohead, and some vaguely familiar progressions a la Franz Ferdinand.  But what is art if we are not affected by it?  How can we utilize art if we do not digest it, be changed by it and create more of it after this process?  It is natural and it is the progression of things, and it is why we create art.

While Adam Thompson vocalizes and strums rhythm guitar,  Michael Palmer yanks the main guitar, Sean Smith generally throbs and changes up  the emotive hues of sound on bass,   Darren Lackie fills the room with the wondrous thunder of  drums.  The band’s debut album, These Four Walls, was released in June of ’09 on Fat Cat Records based in Brighton UK.

Edinburgh fostered WWPJ back 2003.  The  ‘battle of the bands’ competition at the quartet’s local high school, thought to be a charming tale is actually true, the show was taken by We were promised Jetpacks and rightfully so.

The band moved to Glasgow and started playing gigs in more upstanding venues but were underage in Edinburgh.  In September 2008, the band supported Frightened Rabbit during their tour for The Midnight Organ Fight.   Recently Gaining steam in the U.S.  WWPJ toured the United States, with support from Cincinnati-based band “Bad Veins” whom themselves are creating a torrent of musical news with their painterly intros, and the huge emotive vocalizations of one Benjamin Davis. Recently ‘We were promised’  decided to release  “Quiet Little Voices’  on FatCat of course….  that song seemed like the obvious choice.   it’s their oldest song, and it’s amazingly catchy.  The band tenuously adds  ‘Some radio stations have already started playing the demo’.

Making sure to finish their college exams, WWPJ will soon be giving it a go on  summer festivals in the UK, and heralding the arrival of  their new record.  These ‘not-so- quiet-little-voices’ stand to make a loud clamber over the next year, and they are voices not to be missed.


Bad Trailers for Great Films… Bad Trailers for Bad Films… and “A Spoon-full of SCARY!”

Who would’ve thought that a movie with a trailer like the original one for “The Good, Bad and the Ugly” would be so good? By today’s standards it’s laughable. Not only that….. hilarious. The movie remains one of the best in film history. Check it out.

Movies you never expected to be good….and weren’t.  Like TROLL 2.


Hiding behind that uber-annoying disgustingly phoney attitude is one Scary Mary Poppins! I knew it!  How she didn’t creep me out as a kid I’ll never understand.  Somehow I fell under her plastic spell. I sang “Spoon-full-of-Sugar” until my tonsils hung out of my mouth!  I danced with a dish towel on my head (since we didn’t have any of those keen english shrunken hats), until my mother hid all of the dishtowels so that her foolish nine year old would come to the dinner table instead of dancing round a record player spinning Marlo Thomas and Mary Poppins records all evening pretending to Mary or “That Girl!”  When I wasn’t acting like an psycho flying English nanny or a twenty something New York socialite with a boyfriend named Donald, I used a long bamboo stick that I wrestled away from our dalmation, as a tall  unbearably untrustworthy umbrella.

No, I didn’t think I could fly, but I wasn’t at all adverse to climbing on the brick wall and jumping over the rose bushes a few times.   How I was suckered into that trusk’s phoney little spell I’ll never know.  Up until a few months ago, I still carried fond memories of one Mary Poppins from my childhood straight on into adulthood.

Those memories crash landed the night I ventured back to the Dorothy Chandler in Los Angeles, last  November to see “Mary Poppins the Broadway show”. The lackluster performances, joyless routines, forced acting and weakly submitted “Joy” given forth by mis-cast lettuce fed actors were the kiss of death for this play.

Mary Poppins is about joy, wonder, fantasy, and happiness no matter what.  It’s about how kids deserve fun, adults that respect them and actually play with them.

None of this came through in the “Mary” that was in L.A. recently.  None of it! The underlyingly angry and consistently maniacal laughter of the very narcissistic Mary herself RUINED it all!! That actress should be single-handedly punished for ruining my idylic memories of “the cheerful parasolled one.”

I almost cried there in the 12th row from orchestra. Cozy in my semi-plush crushed fabric seat. I could feel my childhood memories actually being sucked straight outta my head .Perfectly perky Ms. Poppins was quickly stashed out like a dirty little cigarette smashed into an ashtray filled with butt ridden sand.

The new and dark Mary came across nefariously cute.  Cute with an air of suscpicion in her smile.   Cute in the way that  someone is cute because they are up to something.    You don’t know what it is, but you know it’s not good.   And…though I suspect that was not the director’s aim, Mary was also quite sarcastic.

My  nine  year old son, later told me that he disliked Mary,  “she was mean mommy!” and “she was hiding something! ” and…” just why was she such a bully?”

Yes, it was true, the play gave great time to Mary’s little quips about how “perfect” and she was portrayed her as quite mean alot of the time…but  most of all my  kids noticed that there was nothing ‘special’ about Mary, she didn’t especially ‘love children’ so what was the deal? The kids were left feeling like ‘why?”why do the children love Mary?  and most importantly, “why should WE like Mary?”  The writer and director of the play did not build in scenes that built up  this feeling.  Kids pick up on negativity,  even if it’s just in nanobytes, and this play had a huge stream of it just sort of ruining the chi of it all. Mary is about chi.  The chi of joy, the revelation of happiness, and how children exude it.  And in the original story you connected with Mary, her inner joy and you appreciated her character.

I wanted my kids to enjoy the chi of Mary, to have the same connection that I felt as a child.  Children understand that through play, they build friendship, optimism and care for others.

All of this got me thinking… Well, let’s see.  Mary:  flys, (yes.  evil….yes…check!  that’s in horror films)..hmmm…..sometimes Mary, shows up in mirrors and not in physical form!  Very weird! classifies as certifiably ghostly.. Check again..evil? I would think so! Let’s see…the setting is  turn of the century Englad, yes…Everything grey…yes…hmm…foggy…lots of silouhetted people, bells tolling,  wet sidewalks, horses clattering feet….yes, scary I would say so……but evil? well…maybe….okay, half a check for that one.   Toys moving by themselves?  That the stuff of haunted houses!  Large items in her carpet bag (items that CANNOT POSSIBLY fit in one’s carpet bag?!)…VERY SCARY!!!   I would say that is DEFINITELY otherworldly!

I think I made my point.  This is the trailer that would’ve  represented  truth in advertising for one Ms. Mary Poppins!   If not the Mary of yesteryear maybe for the Mary of today!