Sage Conan – with good advice for us all.

Conan O’ Brien’s prankish poke-in-the- ribs-of-fat-cat-uber-bully-NBC did make me laugh I have to admit. Spending half a mil on licensing the song “Lovely Rita” by The Beatles for Tom Hanks to walk to his seat to; was shocking to say the least. It was the ultimate “take this job and shove it” act. Conan earlier in the week was hard at work spending the uber-bully’s blood money on The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” to bring out Adam Sandler in style. After the raw deal that NBC had so brazenly given Conan, I think anyone following the story willfully looked the otherway, chuckling as they averted their eyes. Well the end has come and gone. Conan was given an amazing severance package. On the last day of his tenure Conan did funny, he did serious,(and he meant it), and most surprisingly he propheticlaly exclaimed gratuity.

Conan proved to be the consumate gentleman. Conan has outdone himself again. Watch the video of his last words to the Tonight Show audience.

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