Bending light: The photography of Christina Long

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The Amazing art of Urs-P. Twellmann

If ever there was an ethereal place, a place that only existed in our imaginations, it would be…

the world of: Urs-P.Twellmann

Stories of fantasy, deep psychological machinations, intense love and adventure.  These are the experiences that Urs-P. Twellman’s environments are made of.   Twellmann, a “land artist builds Temporal scullptures that cause one to ‘highly experience’ a beautiful sense of place that is at once totally natural but one hundred percent manipulated by design.

Swiss-born Twellmann collects found woods and other organic materials at each selected site.    Very particular with the chain saw, Urs chops, chips, weaves, pounds, threads, files, and bends soft and hard woods.  woods into arches, spheres, fitted block  from terra firma.   Later the completed the artwork is documented with photography.  Twellmann continuously creates a tangible-trick-of-the-mind, and then pushes it all back into the earth.

Twellmann’s inspiration comes from a visit to an area that moves him.  He sketches ideas and collects organic materials at the lay. The end result, though planned, can end up somewhat of a surprise to even Twellmann himself.  Part of the art is letting the art take shape as dictated by the process. Americans have Patrick Doherty, whom is also enraptured by fine organic wood structures and famous for “The Catywompas” and many other structures mainly of twigs and meticulously knitted branches.  They are enormous structures of combed woods, sometimes structures that one can walk through.  Doherty, bends endlessly, maniacally, nesting stringing limbs into an otherworldly structure.   While my sons and I had fun romping through the Catywompus at Los Angeles County Arboreteum at Arcadia California, I realize now Dohertey’s structures have nowhere the grandiosity of Twellmann’s “christo-like”  structures of place and time.   A wooden ball is made of so many perfectly fitted trunks and chunks.   Twellmann is mad with creating entire organic temporary landscapes.  Whether those structures be”moment in time” structures that you can sometimes touch,  you can always marvel at them or see them after they have been given back to the earth…in photographs.

“My main focus lies on transforming. In this process – where destruction and creation become as one – materials are collected and analysed; they get bent, broken, split and cut to become new forms or are arranged in a different context. The individual process can be long or short, free flowing or troublesome, can be hard physical work and lead through phases of chaos, disorientation and uncertainty – but it has to be a new challenge every time, resulting in expanding experiences and journeys of discovery. While I am interested in all materials, it’s wood in all its variations, conditions and forms I usually prefer to work with,” says Twellmann.  All Twellman’s structures are transitory structures, just as temporary as the earth itself.

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YIKES!!! Pat Robertson is Not Just Sensationalist, He’ s Dangerous!!!


via Pat Robertson is Not Just Sensationalist, He’ s Dangerous.    <——-   (READ THE STORY HERE!)

Pat Robertson Says hello in his own special way.

"Supa-Pat" he has 5 health, 4 power and lightening bolt action, right wing protection and 100% Democracy attack. Intelligence level: Zero. Time to level up!

Mein Kaumphy couch-potato - Pat Robertson

Schwarzenegger: Send prisoners to Mexico? what the?

Schwarzenegger: Send prisoners to Mexico

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From The Los Angeles Times:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger floated a different approach to trimming down California’s bloated prison budget on Monday: pay Mexico to build new prisons and ship off California’s incarcerated illegal immigrants south of the border.

The Republican governor has pushed to house California inmates out-of-state before — but never in a different country.

“We can do so much better in the prison system alone if we can go and take inmates, for instance the 20,000 inmates that are illegal immigrants that are here, and get them to Mexico,” Schwarzenegger said during a question-and answer session at the Sacramento Press Club. “Think about it.”

It’s cheaper to build prisons in Mexico, Schwarzenegger reasoned, and it’s cheaper to staff them there to boot.

“We pay them to build the prison down in Mexico,” the governor said. “…Half the costs to build the prisons and half the costs to run the prisons. That is money — $1 billion right there — that could go into higher education.”

The idea is not a new one. Jim Nielsen, a former head of the state’s parole board and now a state assemblyman, promoted the idea in the mid-1990s. It never happened.

The governor’s office said no specific prisoners-in-Mexico plan is in the works — just yet. “There’s no proposal,” said Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear. “He was mentioning a creative solution we should talk about.”

— Shane Goldmacher in Sacramento

Sage Conan – with good advice for us all.

Conan O’ Brien’s prankish poke-in-the- ribs-of-fat-cat-uber-bully-NBC did make me laugh I have to admit. Spending half a mil on licensing the song “Lovely Rita” by The Beatles for Tom Hanks to walk to his seat to; was shocking to say the least. It was the ultimate “take this job and shove it” act. Conan earlier in the week was hard at work spending the uber-bully’s blood money on The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” to bring out Adam Sandler in style. After the raw deal that NBC had so brazenly given Conan, I think anyone following the story willfully looked the otherway, chuckling as they averted their eyes. Well the end has come and gone. Conan was given an amazing severance package. On the last day of his tenure Conan did funny, he did serious,(and he meant it), and most surprisingly he propheticlaly exclaimed gratuity.

Conan proved to be the consumate gentleman. Conan has outdone himself again. Watch the video of his last words to the Tonight Show audience.

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