The Amazing art of Urs-P. Twellmann

If ever there was an ethereal place, a place that only existed in our imaginations, it would be…

the world of: Urs-P.Twellmann

Stories of fantasy, deep psychological machinations, intense love and adventure.  These are the experiences that Urs-P. Twellman’s environments are made of.   Twellmann, a “land artist builds Temporal scullptures that cause one to ‘highly experience’ a beautiful sense of place that is at once totally natural but one hundred percent manipulated by design.

Swiss-born Twellmann collects found woods and other organic materials at each selected site.    Very particular with the chain saw, Urs chops, chips, weaves, pounds, threads, files, and bends soft and hard woods.  woods into arches, spheres, fitted block  from terra firma.   Later the completed the artwork is documented with photography.  Twellmann continuously creates a tangible-trick-of-the-mind, and then pushes it all back into the earth.

Twellmann’s inspiration comes from a visit to an area that moves him.  He sketches ideas and collects organic materials at the lay. The end result, though planned, can end up somewhat of a surprise to even Twellmann himself.  Part of the art is letting the art take shape as dictated by the process. Americans have Patrick Doherty, whom is also enraptured by fine organic wood structures and famous for “The Catywompas” and many other structures mainly of twigs and meticulously knitted branches.  They are enormous structures of combed woods, sometimes structures that one can walk through.  Doherty, bends endlessly, maniacally, nesting stringing limbs into an otherworldly structure.   While my sons and I had fun romping through the Catywompus at Los Angeles County Arboreteum at Arcadia California, I realize now Dohertey’s structures have nowhere the grandiosity of Twellmann’s “christo-like”  structures of place and time.   A wooden ball is made of so many perfectly fitted trunks and chunks.   Twellmann is mad with creating entire organic temporary landscapes.  Whether those structures be”moment in time” structures that you can sometimes touch,  you can always marvel at them or see them after they have been given back to the earth…in photographs.

“My main focus lies on transforming. In this process – where destruction and creation become as one – materials are collected and analysed; they get bent, broken, split and cut to become new forms or are arranged in a different context. The individual process can be long or short, free flowing or troublesome, can be hard physical work and lead through phases of chaos, disorientation and uncertainty – but it has to be a new challenge every time, resulting in expanding experiences and journeys of discovery. While I am interested in all materials, it’s wood in all its variations, conditions and forms I usually prefer to work with,” says Twellmann.  All Twellman’s structures are transitory structures, just as temporary as the earth itself.

Urs-P Twellmann bio information

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YIKES!!! Pat Robertson is Not Just Sensationalist, He’ s Dangerous!!!


via Pat Robertson is Not Just Sensationalist, He’ s Dangerous.    <——-   (READ THE STORY HERE!)

Pat Robertson Says hello in his own special way.

"Supa-Pat" he has 5 health, 4 power and lightening bolt action, right wing protection and 100% Democracy attack. Intelligence level: Zero. Time to level up!

Mein Kaumphy couch-potato - Pat Robertson

Schwarzenegger: Send prisoners to Mexico? what the?

Schwarzenegger: Send prisoners to Mexico

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From The Los Angeles Times:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger floated a different approach to trimming down California’s bloated prison budget on Monday: pay Mexico to build new prisons and ship off California’s incarcerated illegal immigrants south of the border.

The Republican governor has pushed to house California inmates out-of-state before — but never in a different country.

“We can do so much better in the prison system alone if we can go and take inmates, for instance the 20,000 inmates that are illegal immigrants that are here, and get them to Mexico,” Schwarzenegger said during a question-and answer session at the Sacramento Press Club. “Think about it.”

It’s cheaper to build prisons in Mexico, Schwarzenegger reasoned, and it’s cheaper to staff them there to boot.

“We pay them to build the prison down in Mexico,” the governor said. “…Half the costs to build the prisons and half the costs to run the prisons. That is money — $1 billion right there — that could go into higher education.”

The idea is not a new one. Jim Nielsen, a former head of the state’s parole board and now a state assemblyman, promoted the idea in the mid-1990s. It never happened.

The governor’s office said no specific prisoners-in-Mexico plan is in the works — just yet. “There’s no proposal,” said Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear. “He was mentioning a creative solution we should talk about.”

— Shane Goldmacher in Sacramento

Sage Conan – with good advice for us all.

Conan O’ Brien’s prankish poke-in-the- ribs-of-fat-cat-uber-bully-NBC did make me laugh I have to admit. Spending half a mil on licensing the song “Lovely Rita” by The Beatles for Tom Hanks to walk to his seat to; was shocking to say the least. It was the ultimate “take this job and shove it” act. Conan earlier in the week was hard at work spending the uber-bully’s blood money on The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” to bring out Adam Sandler in style. After the raw deal that NBC had so brazenly given Conan, I think anyone following the story willfully looked the otherway, chuckling as they averted their eyes. Well the end has come and gone. Conan was given an amazing severance package. On the last day of his tenure Conan did funny, he did serious,(and he meant it), and most surprisingly he propheticlaly exclaimed gratuity.

Conan proved to be the consumate gentleman. Conan has outdone himself again. Watch the video of his last words to the Tonight Show audience.

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Micachu and the Shapes: Bite your lip, get up and Dance.

The Precocious, multi-instrumentality of Micachu and the Shapes is like camping on an English moor full of howling wolves as you dance to a Kraftwerk album with Gavin Friday, Marke E. Smith and Guggi.  You’ll need a tour-guide in for this moor party because it’s a bafflingly intricate, yet uneasy place. Walking at night, you feel your feet sink into the moor, tin pans crash, an acoustic guitar rants and a shock of Roux-like hair bounces in and out of the frame. Just aloft you spy Colin Newman stoking a sonic campfire as he types on his iphone.  The fire crackles repetitively with a  waffle and snap.  You are at a zeitgeist sleepover, a tempiscore melding of sense datum.   Yes, you are overloaded but in a playful dreamlike state, these things are expected!   In fact it feels downright amazing, the music in the background has a restless energy,   a crack, a pop.   Set against a nefarious groan or the heaving low hum of soft machines, this eclectic pop is tamed by a warm and yet  distinctive androgynous voice.    That is the sound of Micachu and the Shapes, and it’s not a dream.  Micachu (Mica Levi) is tangible! and in a club somewhere tonight playing a vacuum cleaner.

Mica sits staccato, with an unexpected and painterly face. Her voice and  demeanor  project an element of confident-uneasiness. a careless androgyne, tall with a complex grin,  she is an ‘artiste de artist,’  one  bringing sounds useful to Dee jays, club-goers and the lucky and hard working denizens of Rough Trade, San Francisco.  So far everyone fron Bjork to Beck are calling her one of their “influences.”  or at at least “the most un-classifiable pop experimental music existing today.”   That’s pretty good when the avant-garde of the uber popular alternative are calling you “one of the lovely bones with which we are collectively building this thing we call popular music”.

Straddling many genres of music at one time, Michachu has got the concept cornered. How does someone play front instruments, sing,  and add the sound of a vacuum cleaner along with pops and clacks purposfully (and perfectly) set in time to a thick bumping background track? In my humble opinion the only contemporary rock band able to cross this boundary and do well with so many genres was  The White Stripes.  Jack White did whatever he wanted, and Meg was the co-ideator / conspirator in those avant experiments that turned into great songs.   The only constant was his voice as the music always surprised, swelled and dipped as he wailed and groaned in new and different ways.   Experimental, though, it was not.    It was exploratory. In Micachu and the Shapes’  type of ‘experimental’,   there’s  an element of  “I don’t care, I do what I want, what feels right at the time, and by the way… to hell with this ‘image thing”.   It seems  Levi and company do not ascribe to any specific assemblage of their art, it simply is… “what it is.”

Micachu and The Shapes’ songs arent’ about punching other girls in bars, thanks Lilly, we’ve had enough of that.  It was fun in the begining, but now we have to see other people.   The female role in new music must get some plaster and lathe ready and quick, because Micachu just ripped that house a hole in the wall.

As Micachu swoons into a neutral plastic bounce, “Golden Phone,”  seems to reference her ‘style,’ that is, if she could be categorized…

How could they even care it’s a nonsense sound
This sound is everywhere but it can’t be found
Find Nancy fool around and the noise went white
It built the warmth back and there was light

Crimes everywhere yeah, but I don’t want that
Love’s all around yeah, but I don’t want that
Gold in my hair yeah, but I don’t want that
Bring me that nonsense sound and I’ll be back

Well, crushed up bit of stuff, can you pull their ear?
Their legs are far too stiff and they can’t get near
I’ll make this call back to you in a year
Mongrels, this nonsense sound won’t disappear

The song ‘Lips’ explores grime and punk crossover sounds.  Not unlike the likes of early Gang of Four, or Wire, Mica and the Shapes sharp and staccato dithering make you wanna get up and dance.

Die, die, die, your lips  a big lie

You lie all the time, but you still get by.

You bite your tongue but you don’t comply

Dry your tears away with your tie

You drive that truck but you’re still let by

Drop, drop, drop, your lips a big lie

In ‘Sweetheart’ and ‘Eat your Teeth’ Mica samples and manipulates every squeal and stray breath.  She and The Shapes, processes them into pop staccato explosions.  In contrast,  ‘Golden Phone’ is a dirty punk song, breathless and beguiling.

This is the Golden phone, can you ring me back?

Ten mongrels home alone bring the panic back

Sound traveled in the air then they blew it back

The took out all the noise and it all went black

How could they even care it’s a nonsense sound

This sound is everywhere but it can’t be found

Find Nancy fool around and the noise went white

It built the warmth back and there was light

‘Worst Bastard’ is pure punk brilliance; whilst “Vultures” may have the same basic background as Glen Branca’s, “The Ascension” Lesson No. 1″  I could be wrong though.  Branca’s wall of sound is exactly  the intricacy Micachu uses in their swirling and full soundscapes, and especially on this song.   The new Shapes’ album “Jewellery” is on track for album British Album of the year and I’m not surprised.  It may have to fight with La Roux’s signature album “La Roux” but they really are different territory.

In “Curly teeth”, Micachu uses a squeaky sound as a background layer and a dissonence that actually works under her defined and short shap vocals. “Curly teeth” does not dissapoint in fact as with other Shapes’ songs, it surprises once again.

I stumbled upon Micachu and the Shapes about 3 months ago via my favorite performance artiste chanteuse Bjork, and in my humble opinion, this unclassfiable band headed up by Mica Levi  is  channeling the best of electronica, rough wire, punk, avant-garde, pop, and dance. This stateside inhabitant will be sure to see them when they turn up at any venue within 40 miles of me.  Even if you just go to see someone use a vacuum cleaner onstage, don’t miss them when they come to town.

The stairs that Music make :) Let’s bring back imaginative play

The role of imaginative play is for the most part missing in the modern adult’s life.

The art of play has been a core element in psychotherapy with children, and it seems that introducing this element into the lives, curriculum, and work day of adults is always positive.

In one company elements of play were proposed in the capacity of drama exercises, joke telling at meetings, and other methods.

The company that required a ‘joke ticket’ kept it’s employees in groups with funky names and encouraged them to participate.  They held a ‘weird hat day’ amongst other fancifully charged events.   A savy V.P. of marketing said, “The nature of leisure and relaxation should not be intentionally disassociated with the business of business!”

Many companies are finding that it is well and good to promote the fact that new ideas and inventions are welcome and productive in the basically lachrymose business landscape.

Researchers are finding that the physical manifestation of laughing actually increases positive hormones like serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain.  Hey! Forget running or walking at lunch…  Buy a Brent Musburger doll and display it on your desk! Wear a scrolling digital belt buckle with some interesting word on it that makes co-workers laugh, (We suggest:  “Lackie”,  “plebeian” or “mail room or bust.”

The idea is to basically promote silliness any way that you can.  Although silliness has it’s time and place, we truly can find more room for silliness in the hallowed halls of  American business. Let’s make our co-workers laugh.  Just make sure your bosses know your jocular intention.  “yes maam’ (or sir), I was only trying to stir the masses to greater production via humor.”  You will either receive a sneer or a smile, but the change in the air will be worth it.  Realize that the powers that be will have one question.  “Will this increase the bottom line ?”  To that you say, “of course not!”  but again, even that is a joke because yes!  it will!  soon enough a certain relaxation will spread among the masses and  employees will create better products, ideate new and better concepts,  and find creative ways to fix existing problems.  How can you beat that?

Remember that the ‘number bullies’ in accounting  will inevitably want to find the ROI on the cost of  anything relating to these new “play” activities, so you’ll have to consult this post on ways to respond to the staunchies in management.  Let them know that play begets creativity.  Playing well, begets creativity, and thinking well can never be bad for business.

While we are speaking to the subtext of creativity, why are creative people so enviable?  Do they have some magic extra gene that enables them to “figure out how to solve something in a different way?.” The answer is ‘no.’  Then, do they have a special gift for creating something out of nothing?  ‘well no… probably not.”  While we can’t be sure where creativity comes from, we have ideas as to what sparks it.  One thing we can be sure of,  is that creative  people are not afraid to play, to enjoy a silly moment in time or to create one.

To be quite honest, happy people attract and produce more happy people. If your employees are smiling it’s a good thing, if they are not, I suggest play. Silliness, games, anything to get people smiling, whatever it is.  If you’re still worried about the bottom line, then worry no more.   Even if it is just the rubber duckies in the employee bathrooms.

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Ditch the Dead Heads!!!

No, We’re definitely not talking about your favorite Jerry Bear / Bob Weir lovin’ friends,

Jer-Bear and Bob

but the un-moving, previously living creatures above your head in your favorite restaurant or bar..

I’ve always thought those folks that hang the heads of moose, elk and the like were a bit looney tunes (still do), but mostly I hate going into restaurants and eating under the glassy eyed stare of some poor Elk that was probably just minding his own business checking out some milk thistle or looking for the perfect cow to hang out with. You know pass the boring time in the woods, that dang outback up there in Maine or in Canada or some place, vast, and cold.  Somewhere where things are peaceful.  It’s rough waiting until the permafrost melts.   The only ruckus is when Dick Cheney and his cronies start combing the taiga in search of living things to shoot for sport.

"Satan-i-cheney" Coutesy of

Oh!  Damn…I guess other humanoids holding boston lager in hunter’s fatigues don’t count.  Hey! Dick makes mistakes doesn’t everyone? sic.  Back to the other denizens of the taiga who mind their own business, actually belong there and don’t drink boston lager whilst handling firearms, who would that be?….um…let’s see… the animals?

More and more the “Deco-hunter-trend” seems to have oozed slowly from the taiga of the greater Northern Americas and seeped into the hearts and minds of upscale “uber-designers” as they have never been so keen as to use this motif for or  in lighting fixtures, lamps and upscale restaurants.  I think that we would be better Americans if we changed the  “scene of Americana,”  or at the very least the icons of the “Great North America.”

PETA members, active and gift-bearing sympathizers are now “on to”  those that promote the subjugating practice of buying and displaying Trophy animals on the walls of their restaurants, bars and personal spaces. Animal activists (whom should quite simply be called life Activists, as they are supporting and protecting life, in particular the lives of animals), have been asking everyone to consider the rights that animals have to live.  These activists are asking us all to go a step further and think about “the promotion of the horror of  killing for sport”  in particular the use of “trophy animals.” If Trophy heads are being used in the “design” of a “space” or to support an “art idea” it is wrong. Yes, we are talking to you!  The fine artists dwelling saliently in dilapidated but decidedly cool downtown lofts, we urge you to really think about your “installations. Do they even vaguely support this subjugation?  Hopefully not.  Hopefully arm-chair activists we have not become.  Manifesting our activism on blogs and Face-book but rarely in real life.     Whether it’s a convoluted window dressing “just trying to give the feeling of Americana”, or “the close to the bone living off the land ” type of feel, it is wrong.   How about the restaurant designer who thinks that a trophy-head gives that just right je ne sais quois,  mix of testosterone and boutique lager” that draws in the 21-35’er “city cool” male demographic he’s aiming for?  This trend is bad for the animals, for environmentalism, it’s bad judgement in general, and further teaches our children to subjugate animals.  Let’s let Johnny who pours salt on slugs grow out of that ‘sometimes common boyhood mis-judgement’, and become a concerned and caring individual not only towards other humans, but also toward his unspeaking but feeling animal neighbors.

I’ve got a great idea!  Let’s substitute Trophy animals with “Trophy wives?”  How about that?  Imagine for a moment won’t you?   Woman “A” puts an ad in (of course, Craig’s List), for a “sugar-daddy” and voila!  One “dubiously lucky” guy gets his trophy wife and then has a bolt driven into her underside and has her put on a trophy mount!   No longer a nuissance  having her on his arm for the looks and no meaningful conversation, and the status 2-7, now he can pretty much just place her on a shelf to point out whenever guests come by to visit.

It’s the “hey look what I did!” syndrome.  “Aren’t I a man? Look how strong and able I am!”  It’s where primitivo meets insecurity.  It can be on or in a restaurant in Michigan.  We can’t control whose psyche needs the trophy, but we can control whether we patronize establishments that display that kind of cruelty. If we wouldn’t think of doing that to women in America, then why do we do that to our Moose and Elk friends?

If it's good enough for the Trophy Moose, it's good enough for the Trophy Wife

When you enter a restaurant or bar that promotes this practice.  Ask them this:

Concerned cool person (you) says: “Excuse me, may I ask you a question?”

Capricious and unaware or just plain cruel bar / restaurant owner:  “Sure! What’s up? seating okay?”

Concerned cool person (You) says:  “I was wondering whether you enjoy decapitation.”

Capricious and unaware or just plain cruel bar / restaurant owner:  “What the? Why would you ask me that?”

Concerned cool person (you) says: Well I don’t think that it’s necessary to mount lifeless decapitated animals on the walls to make your food any better.  We all “get” the “Americana” thing.  Can I replace the Moose head with a piece of art work representing that moose / elk head?

Capricious and unaware or just plain cruel bar / restaurant owner:  “Um… well can I see your artwork?”

At this point, you have a potential customer, you can tell them about how they ‘really don’t want PETA to come and review the restaurant’ and then show them your portfolio.

It’s suggested to have some ideas available or at least pull up your blog on your iphone and show them your work.

Here’s a cool installation I ran across, and sky’s the limit on what else can be ideated!

Go to 2 to read about this artwork

please…I don’t want to look into those glassy sad eyes anymore, anywhere.


Yes please…Can we have it now?

Oh “omnipotent-god-of-over-the-top-but-unneeded-crazy-cool-personal-electronics,” May I please have the opportunity to make my friends and people I don’t even know jealous?


Could I just have a demo when it comes out in order to satiate my husband’s un-quenchable thirst for uniquely slim, simple and highly sought-after personal media communication devices?

I have been very good!  Really I have!  I bought cookies for my children today at the Trader Joe’s and did not eat them ALL  in the car on the way home from the grocery store!  (I saved them two, they were coconut macaroon their favorite).

I even endeavored to make dinner for my husband and his mother and actually Still intend to do it!  ….That is if we don’t end up going out to dinner.

I do realize, of course, that there’s good and then there’s ‘really good’.  Like the little girl with the little curl right in the middle of her forehead…I have just been…well….mildly good.  OKAY.  there.  I said it.

Since this “Window Phone,” only exists in the minds’ eye and on some digital graphic device owned by ‘Designer, Seunghan Song, all of us plebeians can rest easy and know that we don’t have to move mountains to get to after school soccer games, we don’t have to make sure the broccoli isn’t mush in the last 2 minutes of steaming whilst you’re going to hell-to-hell-in-a-hand-basket trying to explain Algebra-two equations to your seventh-grader as you turn on a heel to get a glaze on the ham and check on E-Bay auctions.

Just go ahead and blow!

Basically, It’s not time to kick it up a notch people.  So rest easy ‘marginals, It aint easy being great and who wants to start that kind of magic now?  All in good time babies.  For now hooking one of these originals s is just pie in the sky.

but I’m just hoping it’s APPLE pie!

CLEARLY...It will be a winner.