She’s not WILD about “WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE!” what?

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I had a comment about the movie and some words about being an open and brave parent.

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Review Title: Not wild about “Wild Things”

“From what I’ve heard from friends, it’s more disturbing to parents than children. Supposedly it does deal with a lot of emotional aspects, and I think that children are often too young to understand them, or to be made uncomfortable by the sudden onset of the unexpected emotional and psychological depth. To kids, it’s just a movie about a boy and his monster friends.”

Either way, I am a huge supporter of seeing any movie before taking your children to it. It’s the best way to make sure you are prepared to answer any questions that your kids may have.

Mom Formation Blog

Here is my response:

chrissylong Says: 
October 24th, 2009 at 4:24 pm

“Where the Wild Things Are.” is a very deep, clever and original movie. It is a “take” on the children’s book. It is a very important lesson for children that “act out” and / or are victims of splintered families. Sometimes we are children of divorce, or some other “life happenstance” are “mad at the world” and we see our parents as “mean” or “uncaring.” We don’t know their battles. But how can we? We are children at the time! This is just a story (extrapolated from a basic story, refining and expanding characters), that attempts to speak about family, the value of family. No matter what your situation you can almost always be sure of three things:

1) You are lucky to have a family

2) Everyone is fighting some kind of battle

3) Anger and escape are not always the answer – Even for kids.

My 9 year old and 12 year old were really affected emotionally by this movie. I could see it in their faces. They got the point. It’s a point that is hard for parents to make…in words that is. I applaud the movie for it’s braveness, it’s depiction of a child’s confusion, their spirit of freedom. Max’s behavior was typical of a child  confused, hurt and angry, as we can all be at several times in our lives. I, personally,  found that my sons’ worst moments of frustation can look amazingly similar to the scenes depicted. Why whitewash the REAL BEHAVIOR of children at different emotional states? Why not show our kids that other kids go through similar emotions and then have  a frank and realistic talk about these ideas?    P.S.  a visit from a few Therapy session refugees from a Woody Allen movie from an alternate universe was a welcome spin on the “Wild things” themselves.  What a clever and poignant outing.  DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE!!

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